Public Engagement


The Public Engagement activities promoted by the Department of Management consist mainly of the following:  
Participation in advisory boards, consultation, and policy-making roundtables 
The department members are involved in many ways in local, regional, and international initiatives aimed at defining best practices, guidelines, or directions. 
Organization and/or participation in third-party initiatives 
The diversified skills of the Department’s professors allow them to facilitate the interpretation of new business, social, and economic trends to a non-academic audience. Therefore, numerous meetings are organized on the subjects of administration and control of business management and finance, economy, and, more generally, of contemporary society and new trends to bring the world of academia closer to the territory in which it operates. 
The department’s professors team also participates as supervisors in various initiatives organized by other public and private entities. As part of the Open Day, for example, ad hoc informative events are organized about common topics of business science to bring current issues closer to a non-expert audience. 
Publications on economics and finance 
Publications are periodically produced for dissemination purposes addressed to financial education and/or information on good practices of sustainable citizenship.  expert audience. 

Citizenship support initiatives
Through participation in projects financed by foundations or local public entities, the Department supports civil society organizations in implementing projects related to the solidarity economy, critical consumption, and sustainable citizenship.