Internship and Placement


The Placement Office supports students and graduates entering the world of work and offers substantial assistance to institutions and companies in intersecting supply and demand.
The primary services provided are:

  • To facilitate the integration of students and graduates into the labour market. The Office promotes career guidance initiatives, including career counseling, individual curriculum vitae analysis, interview simulations, and events exploring active research topics.
  • To offer institutions and companies the opportunity to publish job or internship offers in the Internship / Placement Desk, download graduate curricula through the Almalaurea platform, and participate in meetings with students and graduates.
  • The Career Day is an important moment of encounter between students, graduates, and the  labour market. Excellent professional opportunities and curricular and extracurricular internships are suggested. The Career Day features the participation of organizations and companies that, through one-to-one interviews, can meet with young undergraduates and recent graduates.

The Placement Office also manages a bulletin board to publish internships and job vacancies. Every year many graduates enter the labour market due to the quality of education and the dynamicity of the business market, always looking for new profiles.  
According to the last Almalaurea report, 92,4% of graduates are employed five years after graduation.